An Idiot-Proof Blessing: Part I

About a year ago, I traveled to North Carolina to celebrate the life of one of my great mentors, Elder Vernon Chapel.  I rented a car.  I had no idea that the rental agency in NC would give me a newer version of the very same car that I drove every day back in Texas.

Though my car in Texas wasn’t even 5 years old, the upgrades and amenities, the smoothness of the ride, and even the way the steering wheel felt in that rental car had an unexpected effect on me.  I loved the car I had at home, but knowing that, in such a short span of time so many things about the car that I loved were upgraded, discontented my daily routine.  It increased my desire.  It changed my capacity and shifted my perception of normal.

Almost done paying off my car, but one weekend unsettled me.  I was fine and had no real issues with my car, but I had tasted and I had seen…and I would never be the same.  Every upgrade I’d ever paid to have added to my car at home was already in the base model of this car.

I had to have it.

Having driven the newer model…I was no longer content with the one I owned.

Exposure.  One of the greatest things that can ever happen to us is to be exposed to opportunities that redefine our normal.  The thrill of newness.  The excitement of the unknown.  Exposure is one of the greatest gifts you will ever receive.  Exposure can wake up hidden dreams and unlock your potential.  The right exposure will pull you out of a bad relationship or drag you back to finish school.  It will bulldoze every limitation that you unknowingly set for yourself. When you fully assess the gulf between where you are and where you are going, the steps to process your next direction can be daunting .  But how often do our tomorrows die famished prisoners of our todays?

That’s just like God. He will expose you to greater – not just to excite you, but to challenge you to do whatever it takes to move from where you are into your destiny.  What has God exposed you to that you’re not attaining?  Let Him expose you to more.  Let him stretch your limitations.  Let him expand your territory to conquer more.

Before David ever reigned as king or Elisha uttered a prophecy, before Sampson brought down great pillars or Joseph administrated over Egypt, God carefully and intentionally exposed them to fragments of their future successes through individuals, circumstances, and divine encounters.  In this way, God institutes success for us by giving us small glimpses of purpose and passion along our journey.  If we won’t fight the process, He can literally make reaching our destiny idiot-proof…I’ll explain more later!

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